Blog 35

so hello one and all. It’s been a while! As I sit here and write this I am doing some temporary work for 5 days at Oxford University as a conference administrator! The first job I have had since my diagnosis so all is well. Ive had a couple of ‘lows’ but nothing I can’t handle now that my medication is on track and the doseage is ok. 

I’m really enjoying the job and the university is beautiful. I’m based at the St. Catherine’s college building and it really is a different world here! It’s like what Vatican City is to Italy! 

So how are you all? I hope you you are all doing as well as I am!! 


3 thoughts on “Blog 35”

    1. Just for you then… s bloke said to me, “Darren, as a young boy, was your mother very strict with you?” I said, “Let me make one thing absolutely clear. My mother was never a young boy.” 😂😂😂😂😂

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