Hi all!

Hi everyone sorry it’s been a while since I last blogged but I’ve been struggling with my increase in quetiapine to 200mg. Feeling so low, tired, ratty, angry, guilty, low in that order from waking up till I go to sleep. A slight respite this evening as I feel ok for the first time in weeks! I’m sure it won’t last but making the most of it! I have my first appointment with the psychiatric follow up team tomorrow so gonna discuss this feeling like shite! I think I’m going to stop taking the quetiapine as I just can’t function at all on them! Lithium might be the way to go but we will see. I’ve had this feeling of needing a pee constantly which is so frustrating I can’t tell you how much. I’ve had my urine tested at the doctors but all came back ok so it must be psychological as my wife thinks? It worries me as around 20 years ago when I was still living at home with my parents in London i woke up in the middle of the night in agony as I needed a wee but I couldn’t go! My bladder was so full you could see it bulging in my stomach. My parents called an ambulance and I was rushed to hospital. I couldn’t sit down I just kept pacing up and down frustrated that I couldn’t go! Anyway a few hours later something shifted inside me and I went! It was the most overwhelming feeling to finally go I forgot to catch some of the pee that the doctor asked me too but at the bottom of the toilet I could see this multicoloured sand which I was told was probably a kidney stone that I finally managed to dislodge but they couldn’t be sure and to this day whenever I have problems with my water works I start panicking that it’s gonna happen again! Has anyone else had this problem on quetiapine?


8 thoughts on “Hi all!”

    1. But did you feel like you wanted to go for a pee all the time? I can’t tell when my bladder is full as it feels like I constantly want to go! If I can’t go then that adds to my anxiety and makes it worse!


      1. Yes I’ve heard that. Lithium could be the way to go for me then. It can’t be any worse than my horrible symptoms to quetiapine. I will suggest it later and let you know. What are you currently taking?

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      2. Lamotrigine, concerta, wellbutrin, sertraline. Phenergan to get me to sleep, probiotics because they supposedly help with bipolar, ditto zinc and magnesium. All psychiatrist orders and suggestions.

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