Blog 33

Why did I sell my winter coat? I’ve been tearing the house apart today looking for it as it’s due to snow heavily on weds and I am dying to build a snowman with my youngest daughter. Then it hit me. It’s gone! During my last ‘sell everything I’m not currently using or wearing’ on eBay! That’s where my coat went! I probably got around a tenner for it tops as well! Gutted!

I’m in that horrible ‘limbo land’ feeling again today due to my increase in quetiapine. It’s not like its a shock, I went through exactly the same during my last increase so I just have to ride the wave I suppose! Hard to focus on anything though. no energy, blurred vision, cold feet etc. the usual! I am feeling like a bit of a waste of space though but I’m not low. I Just feel like I need to be doing something useful or meaningful so you could say I’m a mixture of high and low. Welcome to my limbo land! I’m also conscious that I’ve been hungry more than usual for the past couple of days but I’ve been good by eating extra veggies etc. but my oldest daughter baked a cake on Saturday and it’s delicious so I’m treating myself to the occasional slice or two! Who bloody cares! Me, that’s who! Oh you’re gonna put on weight, you shouldn’t be eating that. The voice in my head is back but at least I challenge him when I’m in this limbo phase.

Sad, but I did what I enjoy and good at today, I cleaned the house from top to bottom and did 2 loads of washing! The house is spotless. Spotless that is until the kids get home from school oh and my wife cooks their dinner later and uses every single kitchen utensil and leaves the kitchen like a bombs hit it! I laugh at other couples who moan that their husbands for leaving wet towels on the floor, dirty clothes etc. whereas in my house it’s a complete role reversal. My wife is the messiest person I’ve ever known (well apart from her brother that is, who’s a complete slob. I nearly threw up when I walked into his flat a while ago to help him move a new fridge freezer in!) usually it’s the woman who’s the house proud one isn’t it? I physically can’t stand dirt it mess! It’s winter time and the kids insist on coming in through the front door traipsing mud in with them! aaaaahhhh! Go round the back, take your shoes off at the back door like normal people! My wife just laughs it off even when she sees me scrubbing the mud off of the carpet! I can deal with mess to a certain point but my youngest daughter doesn’t just play, she wrecks! She insists on getting every single bloody toy out, plays with them for about 5 mins then walks off and muggins here has to clear it up! On the flip side though my wife is the most laid back person ive ever met and it’s a good job she is living with me!

Joke time –

I went to the doctor.
I said to him: “I’m frightened of lapels.”
He said: “You’ve got cholera.”



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