Blog 31

Hi all. I haven’t blogged for a few days as I’ve been waiting for today really as I’ve just had my second session/catch up with my psychiatrist since my original diagnosis back on dec 2014.

So the outcome? Increase in quetiapine to 200mg daily and call him in a week. The usual drill. He was concerned that I haven’t had any real ‘lows’ but constant ‘highs’ since upping my quetiapine dose to 100mg. It could be the fact I’m not working anymore or mixing with it with the trazodone? Who knows? Anyway it’s a decrease in trazodone to 50mg daily and increase to 200mg of quetiapine. So probably more grogginess and irritability in the mornings but no change there then!

So I’m in the waiting room at the nut house earlier waiting to be seen and I swear I could have thrown that bloody clock out of the window! Tick tock tick tock… aaaahhhh it was driving me mental! It’s a strange illness this bipolar, because as soon as I sat down in his office I noticed that his clock was ticking in the exact same way as the one in the waiting room was, but for some reason now it felt soothing to listen too! Very odd??? Mood swings who’d have em hey!

I’m not complaining though as I would rather be high than low obviously but as my psychiatrist said now I need to try and identify feeling high from feeling normal! Normal? I’ve never felt like this before for such a long period. I suppose I would describe it as feeling mellow. Before I was either on the floor or away with the fairies so this is a strange feeling for me! So this is normal is it? This is whst normal people feel like most of the time? Now I get it!

“Hi normal I’m Darren, pleased to meet you! Wanna be best friends? You do, great! Let’s get to know each other”

I will try and blog tomorrow as I want to keep a record of my moods now that my medication has changed again.

Oh but before I go –

I was stealing things in the supermarket today while balanced on the shoulders of vampires. I was charged with shoplifting on three counts!!!

Boom boom! Until tomorrow my fellow nutcases! Have a good day!


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