Blog 30

So I’m feeling a lot more settled and once again not much too say so I must be getting better or more stable at least. I actually woke up on my own at 7am this morning feeling refreshed but still a bit groggy but I’ve come to accept and deal with this! I got straight out of bed as well which is a first. I’m still sleeping on the sofa bed downstairs as getting to sleep would be a nightmare if it’s wasn’t for my medication cocktail of quetiapine and trazodone! I’m seeing my psychiatrist on Friday as let’s see what happens?

So the party on sat was great. I really enjoyed it and whilst everyone else was pissed I didn’t touch a drop as I was unsure how my body would react mixing alcohol with my meds so I stayed well clear! We didn’t get in till 3am so it must have been good! Lazy day at home yesterday (sunday) so all is good so far! I’m feeling really optimistic and positive for a few days now so long may it last…. – that’s a site for sore eyes.



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