Blog 28

So to use all of this bloody energy up that I’ve still got I decided to cycle into town and now I sit sweating in Costa coffee where they must have the heating turned up to about 100’F trying to enjoy my coffee and write this (he says wiping the sweat from his brow) ive had to ask for a glass of water as well with ice I’m that hot! I think I might have overdone it with the speed of the cycling as I did it in record time. It’s about 2 miles door to door and my target has always been to arrive before the song ‘something got me started’ by simply red finished playing through my headphones. 3 minutes 59 seconds to be precise and today I finally did it but at a cost. I’m bloody knackered! I’ve never cycled so fast or had this amount of energy in a long time but long may it continue! Oh and I did my usual morning press up, pull up, sit ups, plank etc. if I keep this up I will def be ripped for the summer but I keep telling myself not to plan ahead as I’ve always done, instead take everyday as it comes!

I’m running low on my quetiapine. I only have 7 tablets left and guess what I’m seeing my psychiatrist in, yes you’ve guessed it, 8 days! So instead of ringing my psychiatrist directly as I’ve done before to get my repeat prescription I put a request in via my doctors website. Not sure if it will work going on what happened before Xmas when I tried to get my last prescription but I will wait till weds and pop over to the chemist to see if they are there. Watch this space!

I bloody went and applied for that job didn’t I. The one that I saw advertised yesterday. The one I spoke to my wife about who told me it was too early in my recovery and it was only coz I was manic blah blah blah! But, sod it. By the time these companies get their arses in gear anyway it will be Feb before I hear. If I hear I mean!

It has always done me good to get out of the house. I not good in the mornings but a nice afternoon job 1pm till 5pm something like that weekdays would suit me down to the ground. And that’s what this job is but it’s 1pm to 6:30pm mon-fri. Might be a bit much but who knows?

Me and the wife are off to a belated new year party at a friends house tomorrow evening and it’s kid free so back of the net! Usually I avoid these like the plague but for some reason I’m really looking forward to it. Good friends, good company etc. so yeah life’s good at the moment but I’m not counting my chickens as I’ve been here before many a time!

Oh and rather than a joke today if you’re feeling low you must watch the BBC comedy Cuckoo! It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen since Gavin and Stacey and the office! The UK office of course! Me and the wife have just started series 2 and it’s even funnier than the first! If you do watch it please let me know if you enjoyed it as I’m a true believer that laughter is the best medicine! Now what to do for lunch??????????


6 thoughts on “Blog 28”

  1. Glad you have decided to take your meds seriously and take action to get that repeat prescription – you do not want to skip a dose of quetiapine… it is a very nasty med and withdrawals have had me in Urgent Care before now!

    M x

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    1. Thanks. Do you have any experience of drinking alcohol on them? I’m not a drinker but im going to a belated new year party tonight at a friends house and im planning on having 2 bottles of magners cider.


      1. Yes, although it is not reccommended I regularly drink on them. I think it depends what your tolerance is like with alcohol but I think you’ll be fine with just two bottles.
        I tend to get drunk easier and if I have too much I usually find a dip in my mood a few days later (im also on antidepressants as well so it could just be the mix of meds.)

        M x

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