Blog 26

I was getting into my car and this bloke says: “Can you give me a lift?”
I said: “Sure, you look great, the world’s your oyster, go for it.”

Things must be improving as I haven’t got a lot to say today which is a bit of a relief considering some of my previous posts! So yesterday I felt great most of the day (hyper mania still in charge) but I am still struggling to relax and calm down at night. I’m just not tired. I know it’s just the mix of medication that eventually helps me drift off to sleep. I’ve pretty much cut out caffeine altogether now just 2 cups of normal coffee in the mornings and the rest of the day it’s decaff. I’ve also switched to decaff green tea as well but not much of a change in mood so I don’t think it’s caffine that effects me? My diet is great. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables each day and eating little and often with my main meal around lunchtime. I’ve also pretty much cut out all refined sugars and all processed food. But to be fair apart from Xmas and new year I haven’t eaten processed food for a long time!

I’m constantly buzzing throughout the evening and at bed time. I find it hard to keep my eyes shut when I initially lay down as they keep rolling around in my head and my mind wanders like never before. One example is last night im laying in bed and all of a sudden I’m thinking about the Harry Potter Warner bros studio tour that I took the kids too last Xmas and then like a light switch being flicked on I’m thinking about dog fighting? Now I’ve never been to a dog fight in my life and as a dog lover I never would but where the bloody hell did that come from???

Oh and my claim for personal independence payment has been referred to Atos Healthcare who are the governments subcontractor to deal with these claims. I might have to attend a face to face assessment with one of their medical professionals even though I’ve told them everything on that bloody form! What’s the point of filling out a form if you have to attend an assessment as well? We must all be skivers and work dodgers in the eyes of the law, well under a conservative government that is! Oh and there’s a 26 week waiting period for this assessment as well! Bloody joke, just like this country! Roll on the general election in May!


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