Blog 23

So change of tact for me rather than making mental lists I’ve started to write them down. This way I can start to spread out the ‘things to do’ over the course of a week. Part of my problem has always been making mental lists each day. Far too much for any one person to achieve and beating myself up when I either forget, or just don’t get round to it. This way by writing it down, if I have a bad day I’ve always got the rest of the week to complete them. Or worse case scenario I can carry them over to the next week. Also eating little and often I think is the way to go too. I generally miss breakfast as I’m not getting up till 10:30-11am so having a small dinner at lunchtime followed by smaller meals throughout the day. I think the reason why I’m feeling down and low in the evenings is because I’m not eating enough during the day and then eating a bigish dinner. My plate isn’t piled up but it’s the largest meal I eat all day and its probably at the wrong time. I could be wrong and it could backfire but at least I’ve given it go!

A big thank you to Blahpolar for sharing the ‘demistifying bipolar’ documentary via you tube. It was like watching a show about my life! I got a little emotional and a bit overwhelmed listening to the fellow sufferers as I can sympathise and relate to them completely! I’m not a big reader, never have been really so watching the bipolar videos and documentaries on you tube really helped me yesterday. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Something else to add to my list!

A complete switch of mood for me yesterday evening. I was a bit hyper manic for the first time in days in the evening but it def beats feeling low but of course now I can’t sleep! And for some reason I keep sniffing? It’s become like a habit I think. As soon as I lay down in bed my nose becomes blocked and I start to sniff. What’s that all about? My wife hates it and shouts at me as she’s trying too sleep as well and it makes her jump so I’ve slept downstairs for the last 2 nights prior to last night because of it. The kids are back at school today so I didn’t fancy sleeping on the sofa bed last night with all the noise in the morning so I just laid there and consciously focused on not sniffing by breathing through my mouth and eventually I did drift off to sleep but why? We recently got a cat, well 6 months ago and I’m sure it’s something to do with her. I’ve never had cats before and I always used to sneeze and come out in a rash whether the inlaws cat touched me or came near me. But it comes and goes and has def got worse since I started on quetiapine.

So we took the Xmas decorations down yesterday thank god! Finally back to normal. Other than that I didn’t do a great deal, just sat and watched the football on the TV and my PC. No real cup upsets I’m afraid to say in The FA cup 3rd round. Dover athletic lost to crystal palace 4-0. Yeovil lost to 2-0 Manchester Utd and arsenal beat hull city 2-0. My beloved Chelsea were playing against Watford but I couldn’t find the match anywhere on the net. But they won 3-0 and ive recorded match of the day so I can watch all of it in peace and quiet sometime next week. Have a good day peeps and see you tomorrow!


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