Blog 22

So I think I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, well in the mornings and the day time that is! It’s taking me less time to wake up in the mornings which is good and this been getting better over the past 2-3 days so long may this continue, but come the evening my mood dips and I’m like a heart monitor! My mood is properly up and down right up until I go to sleep. It’s horrible. It’s becoming like clockwork. I don’t think my medication is right yet but I don’t know what to do with myself come the evening? I can’t relax, I cant concentrate, I’m just here but im not if that makes sense. Even before my diagnosis these short days of winter when it gets dark at 4pm made my mood dip so maybe it’s a case of the winter blues? I take VitaminD supplements during the winter to boost my sun levels so I don’t think it’s that. When it’s daylight I’m ok, when it’s dark I go to bits. Wtf is that about? Does anyone else have this? Any help or tips to get over these ‘evening Blues’ would be gratefully received!

I’ve started smoking again, well I didn’t really stop but I’ve gone from just having a couple in the evening to at least 6 or 7. This needs to stop I think as this could be the cause of my evening blues. Trial and error I suppose. I eat well, exercise regularly so why do I smoke? I don’t really enjoy it but I like the buzz it gives me. Cut down in the evening I think but I will def give them up once my medication is sorted that I have no doubt.

So it’s day 2 of the FA Cup third round! I love the FA Cup it’s a chance for lower league teams to play the big boys and there is usually a few upset results! Yesterday non league Blythe Spartans nearly beat the mighty Birmingham City. They went 2-0 up at half time but the quality of Birmingham showed through in the end and they won 2-3! Today is another potential upset as non league Dover Athletic play premier league crystal palace! Come on the Dover! I love a cup upset as long as it’s not against my beloved chelsea. They play championship Watford this afternoon at 3pm. We lost to Tottenham Hotspur 5-3 on New Year’s Day in the premier league so confidence must be low but I think our quality will see us through to the 4th round but as they say, anything can happen in the FA cup!

My mind is racing again this morning and the mental list I have in my head for things to do is getting out of control. So I’ve decided to ignore it all and watch the FA Cup on TV instead. Sod it. It can all wait. The kids are back at school tomorrow so finally normality resumes after the festive period. I think we are taking the Xmas decorations down today or so my wife mentioned briefly this morning before rushing out the door to take my youngest daughter to a birthday party. So for now it’s time to chill I think and watch the footy. Have a good day peeps whatever you’re doing!


4 thoughts on “Blog 22”

  1. Wish I had some sound advice for the nightly blues, but I am opposite in that the day brings me more of a dipped mood and paranoia and such, and the night brings on the lifted moods. I take cat naps during those times and that seems to help a bit. I keep busy otherwise. Writing, etc… Cheers, and hope the meds kick into full swing soon.

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      1. Remember everyone is different, metabolism, body type etc. Of course you’ll be impatient you are still looking for something to ease your symptoms and you have been given a light!

        Keep the blogging going 🙂

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