Blog 20

One day at a time. One day at a time. It easier said than done for me even though I know it’s the right way to go. I’ve always had structure in my life or so I thought. Grand plans in my head for the coming weeks and months and the thought of not having or sticking to them scares me. Weight training. This was the back bone to my so called structured life. Being alone in my garage having my workout routine drummed in my head and down on paper, well on my phone anyway. The problem with this is ive never actually stuck to it. My energy levels have always been all over the place and until my diagnosis I could never work out why one day I could lift exactly what was on my plan and another day nothing at all. Then right on queue I would beat myself up. I’m a failure, I’m useless ect. So really on reflection I was setting myself up to fail. By making my workout plan so intense and so hard I was doomed to fail wasn’t i?

Today we went on a family walk with the dog. Now I haven’t walked the dog for weeks. Not sure why? Wallowing in self pity I think rather than challenging how I feel. Fresh air always makes you feel better that and laughter I find. It was a cold but a beautiful clear sky and the sun on my face felt great. We walked down the lane towards the park, the dog was loving it. It’s true I have felt guilty about not walking her for so long and seeing her in her element made me feel better. So the dog was off exploring and digging as she alway has done. Just like she’d never been away. Then it hit me. The past is in the past. The dog doesn’t remember the weeks she’s been stuck indoors she’s living in the moment. Bingo! I think it’s finally hit me. I have spoken to my wife and we plan on doing this everyday when the kids are back at school so there is no distraction and then they can join us on weekends. I sat on the swing in the park without a care in the world. My son and daughter playing nicely seeing as there is a 7 year age gap. I could do this everyday I thought. So out with the rigorous, un achievable goal setting as back to basics. Eating right. Plenty of sleep. An hour of fresh air a day. That will do for now. Once my medication is on track maybe then I can start thinking about proper exercise with high intensity but until then slowly does it.


3 thoughts on “Blog 20”

  1. Stay strong mate, you’re going about things the right way. One day at a time, one step at a time and you’ll get there! Don’t be so hard on yourself and celebrate every victory no matter how small it is.

    Keep on blogging too I love to read them!

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  2. You’re going about things the right way mate. Stay strong. Talk about how you’re feeling. Celebrate every victory no matter how small it is. And don’t be too hard on yourself.

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