Blog 18 – New Year’s Eve!

So the most over rated, anti climax day is upon us. It’s New Year’s Eve! and for as long as I can remember the preparations that go into today never match the actual day itself. My wife and her friends have hired the hall over the road for this evening and I’ve got mixed emotions about it. Will It do me good to get out? Can I really be bothered? I’ll have to make conversation etc. At least it’s literally 30 seconds over the road so at least I can come home if I need too, If things are getting too much.

Yesterday was a weird day! I had to go and photocopy a letter from the psychiatrist to send with my claim for personal independence payment. The library was closed so I had to go into the post office. One of the managers from the betting shop where I used to work was in there doing the banking I presume and he spotted me. I was in the queue and as he finished at the counter he walked past me but nudged me in such a way as to slightly knock me off balance but not enough to knock me over. A gentle shoulder barge I would say! How immature and sad can you get!

Now we have a lot of history between us since I left that particular betting shop around June this year. It’s a long story but basically the guy is a complete back stabbing arsehole. Or to put it another way a complete nasty piece of work. We had a nice little set up over the road before he showed his ugly face and I really enjoyed my job. Even though it was minimum wage, it was probably the best job ive ever had until they started messing us around. I had never really met the guy before he became our new manager but I had heard a lot about him from other people. I had heard he was a slime ball back stabber and couldn’t be trusted. He was also as bent as they come putting through illegal bets for his so called mates and even betting himself which is not allowed. The problem was he would take the moral high ground when he saw or heard of anyone else doing it. So pot, kettle, black came to mind.

At first I got on with the guy ok even if he was a bit shifty, pretty skanky and I was conscious about the rumours I had heard. Every other word was fuck this and cunt that and we didn’t have anything really in common but we were pleasant to each other. He was a plastic Man Utd fan which annoyed me as he’s lived in oxford his whole life and has never seen Man Utd play! He made out he knew about football but he knew fuck all. Just listening to him talk football with the punters was enough to know this!

It started going sour when one of my best mates left. He was the assistant manager and they were messing him about with his pay and when he heard that the twat (I’ll refer to him as that to keep names out of it) was coming to our store as the new manager that was the final straw. Now for someone not to get on with my mate is like bears not shitting in the woods. He’s one of the nicest guys you could ever meet and we had such a laugh working together. So alarm bells started to ring when my mate (we will refer to him as john) didn’t have a good word to say about the twat. Now John had been with the company for 12 years and had trained the twat when he first started so he knew quite a bit about him.

So John handed in his notice and left not long after. Now the twat was also the biggest arse kisser you could ever meet as well. It was embarrassing. when the area manager came in I felt like throwing up! ‘Can I get you a cup of tea my sweet’ ‘can I kiss your arse anymore my sweet’ My sweet? His favourite term! He used to call any female that he came into the shop that. He was such a pervert as well. The way he spoke about women made me want to punch him in the face but I used to laugh it off. My wife met him a couple of times and he gave her the creeps along with all the other females that came into contact with him.

Now the ‘twat’ is a giant of a man both tall and wide! He must be around 6ft 6ins tall and around 20+ stone I would think. I nicknamed him hellboy as he looked like the character from the films but his nickname was planet! Planet because he looked like an ape from planet of the apes!

So the day before john left we had a machine competition. These were a regular thing as those fixed betting odds terminals made so much money. Now we were supposed to give out one voucher per customer but seeing at it was johns last day he dished loads out but there was no monetary value in them, he wasn’t stealing, they were just a few free spins on the machines to promote them. Yes you could be lucky and win but that’s not the point. I wasn’t working that day and neither was the twat but I popped in to say goodbye to john and to give him his leaving present. I had arranged a collection once I knew he was leaving and with the money raised I managed to get the oxford utd football team to sign a shirt for him and I got it professionally framed. John was and still is a huge oxford utd fan!

So the next day I was working with the twat. Now bare in mind that the twat and John hated each other and once he saw how many vouchers had been put through the system he immediately called the area manager to tell her what had happened. What a complete arsehole I thought. what’s the point anyway as johns left? Anyway I challenged him once he put the phone down as he said some horrible and untrue things about john and an argument began. I stuck up for john as he was slagging him off and I was defending him.

Things were different between me and the twat from that day onwards. It was awkward working together but as time went on the he seemed to rota me on with johns replacement who was a nice guy so all was good or so I thought. A few weeks went by and I was working with the twat for the first time in weeks. It was silence between us as usual until the twat asked me if I had taken money from his till as he was £40 short? Eh? ‘Don’t think so mate’ was my reply and he shrugged it off. Nothing else was said that day.

The next drama happened a couple of weeks later when the safe was £100 short. We were working together again and the twat had to go out to get some money from another branch and when he came back he asked me why the safe was £100 short? ‘No idea mate’ was my reply again but this time he started to shout at me. ‘Now hold on a fucking minute I said, how do I know you haven’t had the money yourself if your accusing me as I have no idea how much money you picked up. for all I know you could have pocketed £100 and are now trying to blame me’ I can’t remember much more or how the day finished but the following few weeks carried on like this. My till being down then up but only when we were working together and it didn’t seem to happen when he worked with anyone else. Nice ploy I suppose. Money kept appearing in different places. Weird places like under my coin tray? Pretty weird but I just went with it. Afterall i had nothing to hide. Oh and there was no CCTV. I forgot to mention that, so there was no proof of anything which was good for me, or so I thought, as its his word against mine so surely without proof the powers that be couldn’t accuse any of us could they? How wrong I was.

I remember the day as both the area and regional manager were in as it was signing our new contracts day. A lot of crap had been made about this day as the company were trying to cut our wages but make out like they were doing is a favour! Eh? It didn’t effect me as I was on minimum wage. It was more for the longer serving staff members. Or so I thought. I was called upstairs to what I thought would be signing my new contract but instead I was being accused of stealing the £40 from the twats till, along with the £100 from the safe ect. Eh? Where’s your proof? How do you know it wasn’t the twat? I said. Anyway I was suspended pending an investigation. What? How comes the twat isn’t getting suspended as well? Why just me? I was told I can have my say when I am invited back to a disciplary hearing! Sod that. I never went back. Instead I wrote my resignation letter along with a letter explaining everything I had seen the twat do from credit betting for his mates, to under paying customers to placing bets himself. Letters went back and forth like this for a couple of months. I even wrote to the managing director but it fell on death ears. I thought about taking them to court for constructive dismissal seeing as they made it impossible for me to return to my job seeing as my manager was one accusing me! I bumped into one of our regular customers during all of this and he told me that the twat had been telling everyone that I got sacked for stealing from customers! What a complete wanker. So I text him threatening him with legal action unless he took back what he said and kept his mouth shut from now on. It seemed to do the trick but now I was barred from the shop! I found this out when I popped in one day to see johns replacement oh and for a gossip! Oh and conveniently he had both his daughters working over there. Now John told me once that he only wants to be around his family. He hates outsiders and has few friends. A bit of a recluse but he married and divorced the same woman 3 times! So all the pieces of the jigsaw were coming together. I was friends with john and when we had that initial bust up he bided his time to stitch me up so I left or got the sack so now he could then move his daughter in!

A part of me wants to talk to the twat about it all just to find out why he did what he did but I know the answer already don’t I? Either way I know now that this stress led to one of my few bad manic depressive episodes. I was so low during this time and all I wanted to know was why someone could do this to me? I’ve never had any enemies before and knowing that there was someone out there who hated me, well I just couldn’t get my head around it! I still miss the place or so I thought as that’s why I went to work for 2 other bookies but really I missed the people not the Industry. I know that now. I still keep in contact with john and he’s doing well for himself along with a few others. So if anything I’ve gained new friends but I was kidding myself that it was the industry I missed. It was the people! It turns out the twat got a promotion not long after. So that’s the sort of company they are! But on the flip side they can’t get any staff so he’s having to work 70+ hours a week to keep the shop open which makes me smile! I’ve never wanted anyone dead before but as far as I’m concerned he’s just wasting air! I wonder if he looks in the mirror and thinks ‘know one likes me, I’ve got no friends etc. but I doubt if it even enters his arrogant head!


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