Blog 17

So. Where to begin today? Another walk into town yesterday as I had to pay some money into the bank. Oh and I had company again! Yes the kids decided to come minus the wife of course. Anything to do with exercise my wife is a no no. I think she’s had enough of the kids being here now that Xmas us over. Any chance she can get of escaping she’s gone. It’s probably escaping from me as well to be honest as it can’t be easy with me on this new medication as well! It went a lot better than our last shopping outing where I just wanted to sit or go home! I felt ok. Well as ok as I can feel on this medication. We stopped off in Costa for coffee and hot chocolate. I treated them to a McDonalds as well. The most stressful part is trying to do any sort of grocery shopping with the kids even though I have a list. Concentration on these meds is a nightmare. I can barely read and take in a shopping list. I can barely take anything in to be honest. I have to keep reading lists over and over for it to stick in my head. Now add the kids running havoc and I think you get my drift.

I am conscious though that I haven’t really been eating properly. I can’t remember the last time I ate a proper dinner but that all changes today as I’m sure my mood swings ate because of my sugar intake over the past few days. So it’s fruit and vegetables all the way from now on. Back to eating properly like I did because Xmas. It’s effecting my sleep as well. Usually the meds I take at night knock me out but the last couple of nights they’ve just made me dizzy but im still awake. It’s def the sugar rush in the crap I’ve been eating. So I’m going to test my theory today by leaving the sugar out, eating properly and see how I sleep.

So me and Kate sat down last night and did my form to claim personal independence payment now that I’ve stopped working completely. I’ve never seen a more complicated, over the top form before! And to top it all off once you’ve told them everything, sent in your hospital and doctors letters etc. they still might not believe you so you may have to go and see an independent specialist to get their opinion! Eh? Like your own doctor or psychiatrist are lying are they! I can sort of understand why the government do this but they seem to treat everyone as fakes or liars before the honest of us! So I just need to get photocopies of my hospital letters, prescriptions etc. and send it off. Fingers crossed.

Another shopping list. I hate this time of year as usually I do one food shop a week and that lasts us. I hate this making a list everyday and popping over the road to get what we need. Not only is it a pain in the arse but it’s costing more! Oh and my last challenge bet fell at the 4th hurdle! Hull City failed to score against Leicester City so I failed at £31.97! We go again later today I hope so fingers crossed! Until tomorrow everyone!


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