Blog 14

So Boxing Day is over and as I suspected Xmas day was just a one off as I felt groggy and spaced out again all day yesterday. So we left home at 11am put petrol in the car and set off to London. Arrived an hour or so later but change of venue, around my sisters now not mum and dads. Excellent I thought as she has sky sports so I can watch my beloved chelsea play West Ham. Not if my mum had her way though the minute I mentioned the football she pipes up ‘well if the bloody footballs on Boxing Day I’m bloody well going home’ good I thought piss off then you moody cow. The kids don’t need to hear that on Boxing Day! Now I would probably have some sympathy if she admitted she had a problem and got help but no, as far as she’s concerned there is fuck all wrong with her. She can’t be bipolar, she’s not moody blah blah blah! It’s like trying to flog a dead horse! So as far as I’m concerned she is a moody cow that upsets everyone! My kids don’t even like her!

So the usual shit. Mum calms down about 10 mins later so of course we put the football on quietly in the background but mother doesn’t mention it again! The presents are being opened etc. then I sneak off to the front room to watch the match followed by my son edward (who is also a football and chelsea fan because of me) then my dad and then my nephew and finally the brother in law! Oh yes forget to mention my mothers quote whenever the subject of football comes up ‘won’t change my life’ this quote has come out of her mouth for as look as I can remember. In both a serious and joking manner. Now my mother loves her bingo with my auntie Margaret but heaven forbid anyone should say anything like bingos boring etc. then all hell would break loose! I came to the conclusion years ago that mum is ok in small doses even before my diagnosis. Because we are both volatile and outspoken, world war 3 could break out at any moment if we spend too much time together! Hence us clashing throughout my childhood. My dad however is the most laid back person I’ve ever met but when he blows he blows! He can shrug of anything my mum threw at him growing up but say one thing about something trivial he would blow! He was never violent but you certainly paid attention to someone who shouts who is usually quiet!

It’s hard for me to say this but I don’t really like my family at all. I feel comftable around them (even if they are so loud) but I don’t particularly like them. It’s all about my sister and her kids. My parents do everything for her. My mum gave up her job years ago to look after my nephews so my sister could work. My dad works shifts and is hardly at home. He’s always round my sisters Cleaning, hoovering, washing etc. my sisters got it made! Jealousy is an ugly thing and my sister was always jealous of me growing up, even though she wouldn’t admit it. I didn’t particularly get any special treatment from my parents. In fact I was the pain in the arse! Deb my sister was the lovely, sweet, quiet one apparently! Er, don’t think so. Sly, manipulative more like! I’ve always been into my sport, especially football the same as my dad. Deb was never particularly a sporty person and she didn’t really show any interest in it until dad started to watch brentford play. He grew up a brentford fan but for some reason I couldn’t stand them? I went with dad a couple of times but I didn’t like it. Now I love my football but I couldn’t put my finger on why I hated going to griffin park the home of brentford fc so much? Now Deb saw a gap to spend more time with dad without me so out of the blue she became a brentford fan! Eh? You bloody hate football! The nearest you came to liking football was having a david Beckham poster on your wall!

It always seems like them and us. My parents seem to forget that they have other grand children. My sister takes great pleasure in putting on Facebook her little outings with her kids and mum and dad as if to rub our faces in it! My wife hated it at first but as the years have gone on we both just shrug it off. My parents don’t really know my kids because they spend all their bloody time round debs! They even go on holiday together and we find out through facebook status updates! I would understand it if we lived in Australia, but we are only 60 miles down the road! Anyway, no point in going on about it I suppose. It is what it is and they are what they are!

Chelsea football club became my team by accident really, as usually you follow or support the team your dad does or grandad etc. but as I couldn’t bare griffin park I had to come up with an alternative. Me and my mate Andrew who lived over the road from me growing up had the same dilemma. So one Saturday we were in Andrews back garden and we wanted to go to a football match so we said we would look in the newspaper at the day’s fixtures and the first west London team playing at home would be our team to support forever! It just so happens that chelsea were that team and the rest is history! I bloody loved Stamford Bridge and I used to go as much as possible until I moved to oxford oh and when Roman Abramovic purchased chelsea football club and spent millions of pounds on superstar players. Yes we’ve won the premier league, fa cup, champions league ect. But with success comes the cost of the tickets. My first game with Andrew cost £5. It’s was standing back then. 1990 I believe the year was. I was 14. Stamford bridge had an athletics track around the outside back then and the players were like dots as the pitch seemed so far away from the stand. So as I said with success comes the cost. Chelsea FC have most definitely made the cost of watching them impossible for the average earning person. A season ticket now is around £1,200! Now that works out to be approx £67 per match each! Sod that. Just so players can earn well in excess of £200,000 per week! Anyway it’s cheaper to get sky sports!

The snow started to fall in Birmingham. No sign of it in London though as I looked out of the window around my sisters and when we got back home to oxford it was just rain. The rain driving home was really bad. For some reason I’m finding it hard to write this blog today and the frustration is turning into anger! I’ve done the usual, put it down, walk away, count to ten etc but no good. Even the spell checker is pissing me off!

So I think I have ranted enough today so until tomorrow people!


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