Blog 12 – Xmas day!

Morning everyone and merry Xmas! My mind is racing today. There’s so much want to do but I’m aware that I’m a bit manic so slowly does it dazza! My son brought me a desktop golf putting set and now, for some reason I want to play golf again! During a period of mania (I now know what it was) I brought myself a top of the range set of golf clubs about 3 years ago. I went through a period of about a year obsessed with golf. I had to have the right gear, trousers, cap, jumpers etc. and even though I knew I couldn’t afford it the trusty credit card came out and I spent spent spent on my new obsession. It lasted about a year and I haven’t touched my clubs for about 2 years now. They are gathering dust in my garage. Now my garage is also a make shift gym. I have benches, free weights and became obsessed with it. This is bar far the longest ‘fad’ or obsession to date. I stopped working out shortly after my diagnosis but I will set start again I the new year. It so I tell myself now as I feel great! We will see?!?!

So I took my meds early last night and was in bed by 9 o’clock to try and get enough sleep to deal with the excited kids in the morning. Not a great nights sleep but I feel great this morning. I hope it lasts? It must be Xmas euphoria or something I don’t know but I’m not knocking it! Long may it continue! At least it’s Xmas day and everything is closed as I feel like spending money so I can control it a little!

Now to prepare for Xmas dinner around the outlaws! If my mood carries on like this then it will be a walk in the park! I am conscious that I could crash at any moment though. I’m not sure if it’s just coincidence but when I take my supplements (omega 3 fish oil and VitaminD pills) I feel better? I def agree that eating right is the key to dealing with Bipolar. I take omega 3 as I’m allergic to fish. Sea food mainly but I don’t like fish at all but I know of its healthy properties and VitaminD for lack of sunlight in the winter! I didn’t really eat properly at all yesterday. I woke up close to midday and I think I had some chocolate and a packet of crisps all day. No wonder I felt like crap! Plenty of fruit and vegetables from now on and cut my caffine intake down to 2 cups a day. More water as well. It’s probably the worst time of year to think of eating more healthily but I generally eat well all year round anyway so shouldn’t be too difficult.

I must be in a good mood as the kids are watching Mr Bean on the TV and I’m actually laughing along with it! Now my idea of humour is things like The Office. The original British version with Ricky Gervais not the American one! Also Gavin and Stacey! Michael McIntyre, Lee Evans etc. I think you get my drift!

So I will love you and leave you for now and I might sneak another cheeky blog in later. It all depends how on how much the inlaws piss me off later!

Once again have a great day everyone!


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