Blog 12 1/2

So following on from this mornings blog 12 here is blog 12 and a half! As you can probably tell the dinners over and so is the ideal chit chat with the outlaws talking bollocks as usual! But this year ‘hallelujah’ my brother in law (the one who’s pissed off to Thailand to get his single, sad, 40 something end away with the local lady boys) gave my son a football trivia game! So that passed about 2 hours away before dinner. We’ve just been out for a Xmas day walk with the inlaws golden retriever! I love dogs, we have a golden Labrador at home called Ellie who is my saviour every Xmas day as I can make the excuse I have to go home, feed and walk her and then quietly forget to come back! Result!

So it’s the same old Xmas day crap, escape to victory or some shit film is on the box. The father in law is half asleep in his chair and the conversation is getting quieter and quieter! I’m def off home after writing this! I cycled here from home as there isn’t any room in the car but that’s fine with me, I gladly volunteer to cycle or walk the mile or so, so I can make my escape later!

Dinner was nice though and an especially nice touch was the £1 scratchcards that we all had on out placemats. I think we all won about £6 altogether and uncle Peter (the Thailand lady boy lover) gave me and the wife a £5 scratchcard for Xmas. I won another fiver on there so tomorrow, if the shops open I will get another £11 worth! Speculate to accumulate and all that!

Oh and queue the regular ‘lets FaceTime each other on our phones when sitting next to each other bollocks’ and put on the fakest laugh we can as grandad is so funny! Get me out of here now!

I feel great, surprisingly ‘normal’ for the first time since taking my new meds though! hope it’s the sign of things to come and not just a one off good day? We will see as tomorrow its off to London early for Xmas part 2 with my family! More on that tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of your Xmas day people!


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