Blog 10

So I have decided to jack my part time job in at the bookies and concentrate on getting better. I really couldn’t take anymore and I can’t be around people like that right now. I was sick and tired of being treated like a piece of shit, making tea and coffee for the scum of the earth and listening to those bloody machines! I will never set foot in another betting shop again in my life that I can be certain of! I have just sent a text message to the branch manager to resign.

I would have walked out yesterday but that would of meant that Viktor (my co-worker and nice guy) wouldn’t have got a break. He would of had to work 8:15am to 10:15pm on his own if I had left and that is not fair. This is the sort of shit the bookies expect as they can’t get any staff because of the shit pay and unsocialable hours. Most bookies are open from 8:30am to 10pm seven days a week and full time staff on 40 hour contracts generally do well over 60-70 hours a week! I’ve worked for 3 of the largest bookmakers in the UK and they are all the same. They kiss the arses of the gambling commission to watch out for under age punters and problem gamblers but behind closed doors they really don’t give a shit. As long as those front doors are open at 8:30am and someone sits there and processes the bets and closes up at 10pm then that’s all that matters. They couldn’t give a flying shit about the staff doing 14 hour days as long as the tills balance and the front door is open, that’s all that matters. They go on about giving good customer service but it’s all bollocks and just a big front. If they really cared about their staff as the say they do then they wouldn’t pay them minimum wage and treat them like shit would they? It’s everything that’s wrong with this world inside 4 walls, greed, dishonesty ect. mixed with the scum of the earth! That’s just the punters! I’ve worked with some right skanky people over the years. ‘Milk monitors’ and ‘mood hoovers’ as we nicknamed them! Milk monitors are the people who were probably bullied as a child, put down all the time, low self esteem etc. and the minute they get into a betting shop and get given a smidgen of authority they become little Hitlers! Proper dickheads who love the sound of their own voice but what they don’t realise is that we are laughing at them not respecting them! The name comes from school where we were given milk at break time in the early 80’s and the teachers pet or class dickhead was given the responsibility of handing out the milk. Now these twats thought they were important and above everyone else! Idiots! Now a mood Hoover is a person who brings their problems to work, sits there with a face like thunder, moans constantly about the job and life in general. I think you get the picture!

Anyway that’s my betting shop rant over with! As of today I won’t have to talk about it ever again which is a huge weight of my mind. I’m still groggy again this morning and I think these quetiapine tablets are making my mood worse as I mentioned before. I’ve also noticed that food is a big factor in my mood on these meds. Eating right is the way forward and not eating until you feel bloated is another key factor. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables ect. As I’ve always said ‘if you can’t kill it or grow it then don’t eat it’ I try to keep to this principle for around 90% of my diet. So plenty of brown rice, chicken, red meat, spinach, eggs, broccoli, carrots, cheese ect. Mixed with wholemeal bread and only eating until you are around 80% full works for me. I had spaghetti bolognase for the first time in months last night and God did I feel ill afterwards! Stomach cramps, bloated etc.

So today I will mostly be watching TV in particular the die hard films in order! Until tomorrow!


One thought on “Blog 10”

  1. That is generic for seroquel I believe… I’ve been on about everything under the sun for bipolar. With this one..weight gain & severe drowsiness. Those alone made me take myself off after a couple months. Food tasted great taking these meds..weird how that can happen. Right now I’m on trileptal. Nothing else. I found a simple mood stabilizer to work best for me now. Still tired but keeps me calm. Good luck with all!

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