Blog 8

Wow what a mad couple of days it’s been. One of my best mates weddings yesterday and I think I coped pretty well with it. I was up and down like a yo-yo mood wise but seeing old friends certainly made things better. I was the designated driver as no alcohol on these new meds so it was quite hard watching everyone else getting pissed and enjoying themselves but it didn’t bother me too much.

Friday was a nightmare of a day, the chemist messed up my new prescription, my youngest daughter needs glasses to correct her lazy right eye so we decided to go into town to order her glasses. Big mistake! The last Friday before Xmas! It was manic and I didn’t cope well with the crowds of people. I had an argument in kfc, and in the EE store. I felt like killing someone and then right on queue the guilt crept in and I started beating myself up about it! I was over anxious because I was told by my psychiatrist the day before that my prescription for my increase in medication would be ready in the morning. It wasn’t. The chemist had no record of it but they tried to sort it out. I left them my number and they called me whilst I was in town to say that my prescription request was rejected by my doctor? Eh? Anxiety turned to anger as it was Friday, the weekends coming up and the doctors are closed so it had to be sorted out that day. I called my doctors and the stroppy receptionist took my number and said she would look into it and call me back. By now it was 3pm. The doctors and chemist close at 6:30 so now I’m panicking. Anyway I get a call back from the doctors followed by the hospital to explain that my doctor was waiting for a fax from the hospital to confirm the increase in medication. So I get a final call at 5pm to say my prescription was finally ready! At last! Now for a normal person this type of situation would just go over their head but being bipolar II I was in a proper state for most of the afternoon!

I am back home now waiting for the football to start. Newcastle v Sunderland followed by liverpool v arsenal at 4pm. Footy heaven!


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