Blog 7

Good morning everyone. So after all the worry and stress over the dreaded ‘calling in sick’ phone call it’s been done and as my rational mind knew, it went fine. No twenty questions, no ‘when are you coming back’ etc. just a ‘thanks for letting us know’ so I can now enjoy my first cup of coffee and wait for the fog to lift from my medication and get on with the day. I am ratty and moody as usual this morning and it doesn’t help that my youngest daughter is here as she finished school for Xmas yesterday and my wife has gone up to my second eldest sons secondary school for some awards ceremony. ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy’ and the crashing and bashing is driving me mad! Usually I am alone in the mornings, alone to wake up in my own time with no fear of upsetting anyone but this morning is driving me nuts! I have also just called the payroll dept from a previous job as my pay isn’t right. Why is it that they never pay you too much, it’s always too little?

As per usual I have my mental list in my head of what ‘must’ be accomplished today but I am trying hard to fight it off but it’s not easy. I look around, the house is a complete tip, I need to pick up my prescription for my medication from the chemist, etc. and we have a friends wedding to go to tomorrow, which for the first time in years we will be ‘kid free’ as the outlaws (oops sorry inlaws) are looking after them. Well our two youngest ones anyway as our eldest can look after themselves as they are 16 & 18. I suppose I am looking forward to it but I know that because I no longer drink alcohol (I havent done for a long time now as I feel worse when it mixes with my medication) I will be asked why I’m not drinking. My wife thinks I should tell them that I’ve recently been diagnosed with bipolar but I don’t want to make a big deal of it, especially at a wedding and bring everyone’s mood down. So I’m just going to say that I’m on medication and I can’t drink and if they ask why I will briefly tell them but they probably won’t ask I don’t think.

Until tomorrow people…


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