Bipolar Darren blog number 2!

Good morning all. So my first attempt at blogging yesterday continues today. I went out for the meal for my daughters 13th birthday last night but as I suspected I couldn’t relax as normal as well out of my comfort zone! I have a the tendency of going to the loo just so I can sit on the toilet to escape and just take in deep breaths! I very rarely need the toilet but it helps me cope with the situation! Also does anyone else have a problem with clothes like me? If the clothes I try on in the morning are not 100% comftable then I will change them and keep doing so until they do?

So, I’m still a moody sod in the mornings as I feel drowsy and it’s day 2 of taking 50mg of quetiapine. I’m off to London today to see my parents with my wife and kids and it’s the first time I have seen them since my diagnosis. I really don’t want today to be about me and my bipolar as we are going over for my daughters birthday. Well that’s it for now but I would love to hear from anyone who has this problem with clothes or the toilet thing just so I know that I am not the only one! Cheerio for now…

Darren – 14/12/14


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